Our team has over 35 years of experience working within the Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) management industry.

FOG control enforcement codes and standards, water quality, public health & safety, Grease Separation Device (GSD) research and development, waste hauling, drain line cleaning, as well as FOG management consulting, are all areas of our expertise making us leaders in the industry.

Through the years, our team has seen, first hand, the negative impact fats, oils, and grease has on the drain systems of food service establishments (FSE’s), our public sewer systems, wastewater treatment plants and the clean bodies of water they discharge into.

We have witnessed the enormous financial burden mismanaged FOG is having on FSE’s through emergency maintenance expenditures, and on taxpayers who pay for sewer system cleanings and overflows.

Due to the deterioration of our sewer system infrastructure and the significant health hazard FOG imposes, nationally mandated Municipal FOG Control Programs have emerged.

FOG BMP is the solution to this massive problem and genuinely supports these municipal objectives nationwide.

Our Mission

To provide a comprehensive system that will support and coordinate the efforts of FSEs, Waste Haulers, Municipal Public Works and Health Organizations to effectively manage the negative effects of fats, oils, and grease in our national public sewer systems.

User Friendly Compliance Solutions

A FOG BMP program will have ENORMOUS effects downstream...
it is simply the responsible thing to do.

FOG BMP is an interactive web-based program that connects Food Service Establishments, Liquid Waste Hauling Companies and Municipalities through the use of tools and training, enabling them to manage all aspects of FOG handling from one central hub.

Education, awareness and civic responsibility is the key to solving this difficult but manageable problem that communities are faced with all across our country.

Implementation of this FOG BMP program will have enormous effects downstream, from keeping the infrastructure of our communities functioning as they were intended to the preservation of clean rivers, streams, lakes and recreational water.

Adherence to your local municipal FOG Control Program and FOG BMP is simply the responsible thing to do, and for that we and future generations applaud you.

Thank you for visiting our website, we hope to hear from you soon.

Green Spot Columbus

City of Columbus, Ohio welcomes us to GreenSpot, a program that educates and recognizes residents, businesses and community groups that commit to using our natural resources in a responsible way that will conserve and protect them for future generations.

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