Fats, Oils and Grease Best Management Plan provides your business with a unique opportunity to create a mutually beneficial relationship with your customer.

Offering access to the FOG-BMP can not only grow your business and help you operate more efficiently, but also sets your waste hauling business apart from your competitors and easily keeps your customers compliant.

This program allows for easier organization through the use of on-site technology and centralization of important documents.

FOG-BMP profiles all your FOG generating customers and also makes it easier to profile the specific GSD’s each facility uses; including the cleaning and maintenance schedule.

Technicians can easily access any of these profiles and update cleaning records immediately in the field from any smart device. These important documents are instantly stored in that facilities specific profile and are also instantly sent to reporting municipalities straight from the system, saving you time and frustration.

FOG-BMP also helps your customers stay up-to-date on their cleaning schedule, saving them on repairs and service calls. Food Service Establishments are busy environments and sometimes proper handling of FOG gets lost in the day-to-day hustle of running the business. This can cause serious problems for their establishment and the environment down the road.

The system allows you to first profile all your FOG generators and their equipment and cleaning schedules, all while keeping the reporting documents organized and accessible. You can then sell the program to an FSE to help them maintain the standards set by their municipalities. Offering FOG-BMP to your clients keeps harmful FOG out of the communities sewer system and keeps your FSE’s compliant.

Joining FOG-BMP is a win-win for you and your clients.

By utilizing the program and increasing the amount of service calls to you, the FSE can save themselves from costly fines from compliance officers and the financial burdens of emergency drain cleaning and repairs while making a continuous effort to protect the environment.

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