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What is FOG BMP?

FOGBMP is a web-based management platform that enables Municipalities, Waste Haulers, and Food Service Establishments to coordinate their FOG handling and regulatory compliance objectives from a single shared platform.

The program was designed based on research of municipal FOG Control Programs nationwide and was created specifically to support them.

How does the FOG BMP program work?

FOG BMP enables municipalities, waste haulers and food service establishments to profile, track, and record all activities relating to their FOG management regulations.

Who can purchase FOG BMP?

Municipalities, Waste Haulers and Food Service Establishments can each purchase annual FOG BMP product licenses for their use.

How does FOG BMP help my municipality?

FOGBMP makes FOG compliance in your jurisdiction possible by providing practical, interactive tools.

Key features include:

  • Detailed profiles of all the Food Service Establishments (FSE) within your jurisdiction.
  • Detailed profiles of each FSE’s Grease Separation Device (GSD).
  • Automated tracking with detailed GSD Cleaning Records.
  • Kitchen staff FOG handling training with certification.
  • Interactive, on-site FOG inspection tools.
fog bmp plan

How does FOG BMP help my waste hauling company?

FOGBMP provides practical tools for your waste hauling company that make FOG management and regulatory compliance simple.

Key features include:

  • Detailed profiles of all your FOG generating customers.
    (Your customers are securely stored and seen only by you and your reporting municipality.)
  • Detailed profiles of each customers Grease Separation Device.
    • Upload photos, documents and spec sheets.
  • GSD cleaning records can be completed in the field by your service technicians on any smart device.
    • Upload and attach before and after cleaning photos, manifests and other important documents directly to the cleaning record.
  • Cleaning records may also be easily entered by your office personnel.
  • Organizes and archives GSD cleaning records within your customers profile indefinitely.
  • Reporting documents can be sent directly to municipalities from the program.

How does FOG BMP help my Food Service Establishment?

Affordable and easy to use, our step-by-step, one-time set up saves you the time and energy of having to create a FOG BMP program on your own.

When complete you will have a fully compliant written Fats, Oils and Grease Best Management Plan that will satisfy your local municipal FOG control regulations.

Implementing and adhering to your FOG BMP will greatly reduce the amount of Fats, Oils, and Grease being introduced into your plumbing system, thereby reducing expensive service calls resulting from blockages.

FOG management and staff training features are built in to ensure the program is being adhered to, affording you peace of mind.

fog bmp dashboard

Is FOG BMP accepted for use in Miami-Dade County?


Miami-Dade County (MDC), Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources,  Code 24-42.6(10)(d)(iv) requires FOG handling training for all Food Service Establishments in their jurisdiction.

FOG BMP was reviewed by MDC and has been approved for use by Food Service Establishments to meet the training requirements within this code.

We look forward to answering any other questions you have regarding your FSE or issues with controlling FOG.

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