Organize and manage all aspects of your FOG Control Program from an economical, web-based application designed specifically for municipal regulators.

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Every FOG Control Program consists of three primary stakeholders.

  • The Municipal Regulator
  • Food Service Establishments
  • Waste Haulers

FOG BMP provides a centralized platform with interactive tools that all three stakeholders can use to ensure your FOG Control objectives are continually met.

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FOG BMP Program Features

  • Profiles each FOG generating establishment within your jurisdiction.
  • Profiles each facility’s grease trap(s) (Size, type, location, due date, etc…)
  • Profiles all licensed and approved Waste Haulers within your jurisdiction.
  • Profiles all licensed and approved Disposal Facilities.
  • Automated Cleaning Record with digital Cleaning Log for every facility.
  • Tracking and alerts for delinquent or missed grease trap cleanings.
  • Custom Fats, Oils, & Grease Best Management Plan for restaurants.
  • Kitchen staff FOG handling training modules with certificates of completion.
  • Customized reports for all reporting facilities.
  • Unlimited users for your municipality and supporting departments.
  • Fully functional from desktop, tablets, and smart phones.
  • FOG inspections:
    Default and/or customizable inspection forms.
    Perform inspections in the field from any smart device.
    Issue and track Notices of Violation, Notices of Non-Compliance and fines.

By implementing our turnkey FOG control program you can manage all FSEs and licensed waste haulers within your jurisdiction by offering practical, efficient tools.

Making these tools easier to use for the FSEs and waste haulers makes your code enforcement easier.

Our automated record keeping and highly customizable alerts for cleaning Grease Separation Devices help FSEs maintain compliance with your cleaning frequency regulations.

You are notified instantly when the FSEs in your municipality have GSD’s that are overdue for cleaning, are exceeding 25% of grease and solids accumulation when cleaned or have become damaged or unsatisfactory.

This reliable data makes it is easier for cities to focus inspections and enforcement on non-compliant establishments, saving time and money.

For establishments in your jurisdiction to remain compliant, the turnkey program also provides staff training, reviews, exams, and certification.

By raising awareness through training, signage, and managerial oversight, we aim to keep your city’s FSEs using their Best Management Plan to keep FOG out of the public sewer system while also saving you time and money.

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